What’s new in Moodle 3.5 and 3.7

The recent Moodle upgrade to 3.7 contains some changes in the Dashboard that improves upon the changes in 3.5 and also includes other features. Here is a list of the most significant changes.

Dashboard changes:

  • The Dashboard has features that allow uploading of images to correspond to the Course.
  • Dates in the edit course settings function determine whether the course shows up under In Progress, Future, and Past.
  • The view offers courses sorted by Timeline or by Courses.

Click here to view tutorials that demonstrate how to make the changes

Course home page changes:

  • A new notice Hidden from students appears below any topic section that has been hidden.
  • New icons clarify the choices in the side drawer, i.e. participants, grades, etc.

Edit Settings in Course

  • Red exclamation points replace red asterisks for fields that must be filled.
  • Green question marks replace circled question marks to indicate help keys.
  • The image block under Course summary files now show up in the Dashboard under the course listing.

Other changes of note

  • The text editor in the modules now has different icons. Click here to see which ones have changed.
  • Some of the modules (Assignment, Quiz) allow video recording submissions directly from Moodle. This feature is not supported in all browsers.