Using Groups and Grouping

Reasons to use Moodle groups:

  • Use one Moodle course to teach multiple course sections
  • Filter the gradebook, assignment submissions, or other activities for a particular section of students
  • Assign an activity to a specific student or students that won’t be visible to the rest of the class
  • Use groups in conjunction with the Forum to generate collaborative work in small groups

Moodle can be configured with no groups, visible groups or separate (hidden) groups.

  • No groups – there are no sub groups, everyone can interact
  • Visible – each group member works in their own group but can see other groups
    • For example, a student from one group can view forum postings from another group but they can’t reply to the postings
  • Separate (hidden) – each group member can only see their own group, others are hidden

There are two ways to get groups set up in your Moodle course:

1. The Instructional Technology team sets up groups:

  • Email requesting groups

2. Instructor sets up groups:

  • Create the group
    • Click on Participants, then click the gear in the upper right hand corner>click More> Users > Groups
      • Click Create group button
      • Give the group a name
      • Click Save changes
    • Add group members
      • Click on the group you wish to add users to
      • Click Add/remove users
      • Click on the individual users in the Potential members window
      • Click Add
    • Click Back to groups button at the bottom to return to the groups screen

3. Using groups for forums and extended time on activities:

  • Granting extend time on activities
  • Using groups in forums
    • Once the groups are created, forums can be divided into groups in various configurations.
      • Visible: all groups can see each others entries but cannot post to other groups
      • Separate: groups can only see and respond to their own group
    • In the edit settings of the forum, choose the group option you want (visible or separate.)

You can also toggle the group settings on the home page using the symbol that appears when you turn editing on. If you hover over the symbol, the setting will be spelled out.