RSS Feeds

RSS feed iconAn RSS Feed, or Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to make your Moodle page dynamic, reflecting current news, blog entries, other up-to-the minute information, including scholarly articles. The Feed takes information from other sites and puts them on your Moodle course home page in real time. This feature is useful for keeping students up-to-date on current events. The disadvantage is that you cannot vet what appears on your page.

To place an RSS Feed on your Moodle page:

  • Scroll down the left side bar on your page until you see the Add a block link. It is at the bottom of the list of your courses.
  • Once you click on Add a block, a list of the available blocks will appear. Scroll down to Remote RSS feeds.
  • Click on Remote RSS feeds. This will place a Remote News block on the right sidebar of your course home page
  • Click the gear icon in the box
  • Click on Configure Remote News feed block. This will give you a new window with all the available feeds. If you do not see what you want, simply click on Add/edit feeds
  • Scroll down to Add a new feed
  • Plug in the Feed URL. (copy an rss url from the site you want to have fed into this block)
  • Click Add. Now the new feed is among the feeds you can choose
  • Return to your home page
  • Click Configure in the Remote News feed box to return to the list of feeds
  • Select the feeds you want to include. You can add one feed per block. Simply add another block to produce another feed
  • Click Save Changes – Feed now appears in the block