Questionnaire and Survey

Create a Questionnaire

  • On the course homepage > click on the gear in the upper right hand corner, then click Turn Editing on
  • In the section where you want the questionnaire to appear > click Add an activity or resource
  • Click the radio button beside Questionnaire
  • Click Add

Configure these settings

  • Add a Name
  • Configure Timing – set date and time for when the questionnaire is available for responses
  • Response options – how often a student can respond, allow anonymous responses, whether or not a student can view responses, etc
  • Content options – configure if this is a new questionnaire or one previously created
  • Click Save and display

Add questions

View Responses ***

  • Open the questionnaire
  • Click View All Responses tab

*** Click the Show nonrespondents tab to see students who have not yet responded to the questionnaire and send them a reminder message.


Creating a Survey

Moodle has 5 built in surveys available to use. They are not flexible but are tested, valid, and reliable. Choose one of the following:

Choices are 1. ATTLS 20 item version, 2. Critical incidents, 3. COLLES Actual, 4. COLLES Preferred and Actual, 5. COLLES preferred