Organizing the Gradebook

Use the Moodle Gradebook to record, organize and calculate your course grades. Final grades calculated in Moodle can be manually entered into Banner.


Add items to the Gradebook

Most activities automatically create a new column in the Gradebook when they are added to the Moodle course.  For more information, see the section in this guide on Grading Individual Activities.  

You can also manually add a grade to your gradebook.  Use this option when you want to grade an activity that doesn’t automatically get added to the Gradebook or for student work done outside of Moodle.

Manually add a grade item to the Gradebook

  • Click on Grades in the left sidebar
  • Click on Setup
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Add grade item
  • Enter an Item name
  • Configure other options, if necessary
  • Click Save changes

Organize the Gradebook into categories

Advantages to organizing the gradebook into Categories include:

  • Individual categories can be weighted so they count toward a certain percentage of the final grade
  • Individual categories can be hidden in the Grader report so that scrolling is minimized

Create categories

  • Grades>setup
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Add grade category
  • Add a Category name
  • Configure other options, if needed
  • click Save changes 

Add grade items to a category

  • In the Gradebook setup view > check the box beside the items you wish to move
  • At the bottom of the page, in the Move selected items to drop down list > select the appropriate category
  • click Save changes

Customize the look of the Gradebook

The Moodle Grader report can become difficult to view when there are numerous grade columns and students. Use the following techniques to customize the look of the gradebook.

Limiting the number of grade columns displayed

  • Grades > Grader report
  • Click the toggle button beside the name of the grade item at the top of the column
  • click on the button to select grades only grades only button, grades and category total grades all button, or category total only grades category only button

Sort the Gradebook by column

  • Grades > Grader report
  • click the Turn editing on button
  • click the down and up arrows beside the grade item at the top of the column to toggle between sorted and unsorted
  • sort the student name column by clicking on the First name or Surname link at the top of the column


Display non-passing grades in red for either activity or category total

  • Grades > Grader report
  • click Turn editing on
  • click the Edit button in the column heading or in the activity, as in this example
  • Category total > show more>set threshold in Grade to pass


Hide grade items from students

  • Grades > Setup
  • Click the Edit drop down menu to the right of the item you want to hide
  • Click the eye hide button
  • The word Edit will now be in gray scale, indicating a hidden item

Hide the entire Gradebook from students

  • From the course homepage click on the gear icon > click Edit settings
  • Appearance section > select “No” from the Show gradebook to students drop down list
  • Click Save changes