Lecture Capture

This page gives links to instructions on how to create lectures that can be uploaded to Moodle and/or shared via Google Drive and made available to your students. There are a variety of ways to do this.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Saving a PowerPoint as a narrated slide presentation

If you already have a slide presentation in PowerPoint, you can add narration and save it as a ppsx file (This extension allows the presentation to open in presentation mode rather than edit mode) and then upload to Moodle or share via Google drive.

To add narration,

1. Open the completed PowerPoint, click on Record Slide Show.

2. Start your lecture, advancing the slides as you normally would. The recording window looks like this: WARNING: the audio recording begins the minute the window is opened. You can stop it by clicking on the STOP icon toward the top, as illustrated below.

3. Once you’ve clicked the End button, a window pops up asking if you want to save the new slide timings. Click Yes if you are happy with it.

4. You are now back at the initial editing window. Save the file as a ppsx. This will enable the student to see the presentation in presentation mode immediately upon opening rather than the edit mode of the pptx file.

Saving a PowerPoint as a video

Microsoft users can export the PowerPoint as a video. Please click here for detailed instructions.

If you are using a Mac, you do not have the option to export the file as a movie file (mp4). Options for this include using Quicktime, an app on your Mac, recording the screen, and playing the presentation in the screen recording window. You can then save as a movie file and upload it to Google Drive or Moodle directly.

Google Slides

Google slides does not provide voice over during a Slides presentation. If you are using a MacBook, use Quicktime, an application that is included in your MacBook, that can record a window or your desktop. For Microsoft operating systems, use Screen Castomatic, a free application available to download. Another option for both operating systems is Creator Studio, an add on to Google.

Captioning and adding transcriptions

The following link from the Media Design Lab gives instructions on how to caption and transcribe in YouTube, Powerpoint and other lecture devices.

Link to Media Design Lab instructions

How to use Creator Studio

Once the add-on is installed, open any deck inside Google Slides that has at least 2 or more slides. Go to the add-ons menu, choose Creator Studio and it will open up a sidebar.

Specify the width of the output file in pixels. Creator Studio will auto-calculate the height to maintain the original aspect ratio of the presentation. Next, specify the time interval (in seconds) and this is the duration for which each slide would be visible in the video before advancing to the next slide.

Finally, you have a variety of export options to choose from that are not available natively inside Google Slides.

GIF Image

An infinite looping animated GIF image is created that is perfect for sharing inside email messages and blog posts. You can even make stop motion animations by keeping the time interval very low (say 0.2 seconds).

Image Sequence

Creator Studio will capture screenshots of each slide in your presentation and save it as a numbered PNG file in your Google Drive folder.

MP4 Video

Like the GIF image, Creator Studio will produce an MP4 video file from your deck and you can also vary the time interval between slides.

Video with Audio 

You can upload any audio file in MP3 or WAV format and it will play alongside the presentation. You can upload background music or even voice narration that will play in the background while the video is playing.