Use Labels to add text to a course section or to embed sound, image or video files that display directly on the course homepage. It is not advised to copy and paste directly into a label as this can transmit problematic code into Moodle. There is an option available to post Word docs. See instructions below.

To add a Label:

  • Turn editing on
  • In the course section where you want the label or page to be added > Click Add an activity or resource
  • Under Resources > click the radio button next to Label
  • click Add
  • Under General > click inside the Label text window
  • Expand the toolbar buttons by clicking the Toolbar Toggle button

Add text

  • Type or paste your text in the window
  • Use the Paste from Word button to paste text from a Word document
  • Click Save and return to course

Add an image

  • Click Insert/edit image button
    • Click Find or upload an image… to upload an image file from your computer, select a file from a File picker folder, or add a link (URL) to an image from an external site
    • Include an Image description for screen reader accessibility
  • Click Insert
  • Click Save and return to course

Add sound or video

  • Click Insert Moodle Media button
    • Click Find or upload a sound, video or applet… button
    • Browse your computer or select a file from the File picker repositories
  • Click Insert
  • Click Save and return to course