Grading individual activities


Graded Activities

Moodle adds a column to the gradebook for every activity that is graded.

The following list of activities automatically generate a grade and a column in the course gradebook:

  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Attendance
  • SCORM packages

Activities that must be manually configured to generate a grade include:

  • Forum – optional grading can be configured in the Forum settings > Ratings section > Aggregate type and Scale
  • Glossary – optional grading can be configured in the Glossary settings > Ratings section > Aggregate type and Scale
  • Database – optional grading can be configured in the Database settings > Ratings section > Aggregate type and Scale
  • Wiki – manually add a gradebook item 

Configuring a graded assignment

Most graded activities can be configured in the same manner as assignments. Quiz grades are somewhat different in that they are scored based on the point values of the individual questions. In quizzes, a question worth 2 points counts twice as much as a question worth 1 point. For more information about quizzes, see the Create Quizzes section of this guide.

Changing points issued in grade columns created automatically in the Gradebook by a module cannot be changed in the Gradebook. You must go to the Edit Settings in the Module and change the points from there.

To configure an assignment’s grade:

  • Turn editing on
    • Create a new assignment or edit an existing assignment (click Edit > Edit button Edit settings)
  • Under the Grade section >
    • select a Grade type from the drop down list:
      • Scales – for more information about using scales see
      • No Grade – students won’t receive a grade for the assignment
      • Numeric Grade – select the maximum grade a student can earn on this assignment – the default is 100
  • Select a Grading method
    • Simple direct grading
    • Marking Guide
    • Rubric
  • Click Save and return to course

Grading methods – In Moodle 3.2, when you click on the activity to be graded, you can click on Grade in the orange block to view one entry at a time or click on “view all submissions” to get a list of the students in your class.

  • Calculating a Marking Guide Grade
    • It is not necessary that the criteria points add up to the maximum points given for the assignment. Moodle calculates the final grade by converting the points earned into a decimal value of the total criterion points possible, and then multiplying the decimal by the assignment’s maximum possible points. For example:
      Criterion Points Earned       Points Possible
      Content 4 5
      Grammar & Spelling 5 5
      Total 9 10


      Assignment’s Maximum Points = 50

      Assignment grade calculation:

      (9 ÷ 10) x 50 = 45.00


  • Edit an existing marking guide
    • Open the assignment
    • Click on the gear icon>Advanced grading > Define marking guide
    • Click on the criterion text to make changes
    • Clicking on the text makes it editable
    • Click Save


  • Simple direct grading

    • Open the assignment from the course homepage
    • Click Grade – This opens up a window with a pdf of the assignment submission to the left and the space for entering a grade and comment (if selected in the edit settings) to the right. Comments can be made directly into the document.
    • Enter the grade and comment
    • Click Save changes
    • Click on the blue arrow at the top right to grade the next student’s entry
  • Quick grading options– Use quick grading when you want to enter grades for every student on one screen. You can use quick grades in either the assignment’s grading screen or the course gradebook.
    • Open the assignment from the course homepage
    • Click View all submissions
    • Enter grades in the Grade column textboxes
    • click Save all quick grading changes
  • Allow a student to edit or resubmit an assignment – Unlock an assignment submission to allow a student to edit their submission or resubmit.

    • Open the assignment from the course homepage
    • Click View all submissions
    • Place a check beside the student’s assignment under the Select column
    • With selected… > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose Unlock submissions from the drop down list


  • Manually change a student’s grade:

    • From the course homepage click on Grades
    • Click Turn editing on
    • Enter new grade in the column textbox
    • Save changes at the bottom of the screen
    • Note: Any grade that has been manually entered in the gradebook’s Grader report screen will be highlighted in tan.