Gradebook scales

The Moodle Gradebook Scale feature can be somewhat misleading at first glance. The calculation provided by Moodle may not match what you anticipate when setting up and using scales. For a thorough explanation on how scales are interpreted by Moodle’s Gradebook, please see the following link, and scroll down to “Values calculated as percentage scores” :

Moodle 3.2 Scales

To customize the grading scales in the Gradebook, click on Grades.

From the menu at the top, or the drop down menu, select Scales

Moodle provides standard scales, but you can create your own by clicking on Add a new scale at the bottom left.

  • Name the scale
  • In the Scale box, list the values, separated by a comma. For example, Disappointing, Not good enough, Average, Good, Very good, Excellent

When you have an assignment or forum that needs to be graded, your newly made Scale will be available in a dropdown menu as a selection.