Glossary, H5P Interactive Content, Journal


H5P Interactive Content



Use glossaries to collaboratively create searchable dictionaries of course-related terms.

Ideas for using Glossaries:

  • Have students create a glossary of unfamiliar terms and their definitions for the course
  • Students create bio entries in a “get to know you” glossary
  • Create a “thought for the day” or “news story of the day” glossary
  • Add a Random glossary block to the course sidebar to display specific or random glossary entries

Create a Glossary

  • On the course homepage>click on the gear icon> click Turn Editing on
  • In the section where you want the glossary to appear > click Add an activity or resource
  • Click the radio button beside Glossary
  • Click Add

Configure these settings

  • Add a Name and Description
    • Explain the purpose and instructions on how to use the glossary in the description
  • Select a Glossary type
    • Main glossary – only one per course
    • Secondary glossary – one or more per course, export entries to main glossary
  • Entries – configure entry approval by instructor prior to posting and the ability to edit or comment on entries
  • Grade – choose grade category in grade book. If course completion is activated, choose the grade needed to pass.
  • Appearance – configure how the glossary will appear in Moodle
  • Ratings – configure whether or not the glossary entries will be graded and restrict ratings to items within a date range.
  • Click Save and return to course

Add an Entry

  • Open the glossary
  • Click Add a new entry
  • Enter a Concept (term) and the Definition
  • Click Save changes


H5P Interactive Content

H5P is a plug in with interactive capabilities. The following options are available:

  • Drag and Drop – Create drag and drop tasks with images
  • Drag the words – Create text-based drag and drop tasks
  • Fill in the blanks – Create a task with missing words in the text
  • Interactive video – Create videos enriched with interactions
  • Mark the words – Create a task where users highlight words
  • Multiple choice – Create flexible multiple choice questions
  • Single choice set – Create questions with one correct answer
  • Summary – Create tasks with a list of statements

To add H5P Interactive content, choose the option in the drop down Activity menu. In the next window, select the interactive content you wish to use. Each example comes with a short tutorial and an example to help you set up the activity.


The journal activity allows teachers to get feedback from students.

From the drop down Activity menu, select Journal.  Name the journal. Select the type of grade, if any, you want to assign to the journal. The journal entries are visible only to the instructor and student, not the other students. Students must type directly into Moodle; there is no upload document feature with this activity.