Hide/Unhide course from view
From the course home page, click on Edit settings,

Scroll down to 4th option. Change Visible to Hide.

Click Save and display

Course is now hidden from student view. Do the reverse to allow the students access to the course.

View your Moodle course as a student
To view your course as a student, click on the your name at the top right of the screen.

Selections to view your course as a student or other role

Next, click on the role you wish to view your course as – this will take you back into the course in your new role.

select the role

You can see which role by looking at the role under your name at the top right.

how to see which role you have chosen

To return to your normal role, click on your name above and choose, Return to my normal role.

to return to normal role

Remove a question from a quiz that has already been taken

You cannot remove a question from a quiz after it has been given. However, you can change the score so that the question is not reflected in the students’ final score. You can also flag the question.

To set the score for the question to zero:

From the Quiz Administration box, click on Edit Quiz

Select the quiz question in question, and click on the pencil to the right of the question. Enter 0 and press ENTER to change the value of the quiz. When you return to the actual quiz, the value of the question should be 0.

Unlock an assignment submission to allow a student to edit their submission or resubmit.

  • Open the assignment from the course homepage
  • Click View/grade all submissions
  • Place a check beside the student’s assignment under the Select column
  • With the selected, choose unlock submissions from the drop down menu
  • Click Go
  • Click OK to verify

Remove a student from my course without removing their grades

  • suspend the student
    • Click on Participants
    • Click on gear icon> >Enrolled users
    • Scroll down to the student’s name and click on the gear icon to the right of their row.
    • Next to Status, click on the drop down menu and change Active to Suspended.
    • Click Save changes

Assign values to scales or create new scales

Click the “Add a new scale” button in Grades >Scales> Add a new scale

Download student assignments in one folder vs individual folders for each student

The default setting in Moodle 3.2 when downloading student assignments in bulk creates folders for each student when you upzip the downloaded file. To change this setting, click on View all submissions in the assignment, there is a box you can UNcheck at the bottom of the page that will revert the downloads to just one submission per student, and eliminate the folders.

To find the Moodle Course short name

  1. Under Course Edit settings, in the General Section, it is the second option.