Unenrolling and enrolling students in Moodle

The Instructional Technology team uploads students into Moodle the Friday prior to the start of the semester. However, Moodle does not unenroll students if they drop the course through Banner.

Remove students from Moodle by following these instructions:

          1. Click on the Participants in the left sidebar. (If the side bar is not showing, click on the hamburger icon in the top left. )Click here
          2. In the next window, click on the Garbage Can icon to the far right of the student’s name.
          3. Moodle gives a warning to ascertain whether or not you really want to unenroll the student. Click Unerol.
    1. Adding Students

    1. Click on Participants in the left side bar.
    2. Click on Enrol users.
    3. In the next window, the role defaults to STUDENT. Type in any part of the student’s name, first or last, and the search will produce a list of students to choose from. (If the student has never logged into Moodle, the student’s name will not appear in this list. Please contact us for assistance in this rare instance.)
    4. Click on the desired student’s name. The student’s name will then appear in green above the search box showing you that the student is now enrolled. Then click on Enrol Users.
    5. The student is now enrolled in your course.
    6. If you teach sections and your course has students in separate sections, click on the pencil icon under the group heading and start typing the section number. A drop down menu of sections will appear. Select the group in which the student is registered.
    7. You can also add others, such as teachers and nonediting teachers into your course using the same instructions. In that case, change the Assign role before selecting the name of the person to add.