Download/upload student assignments and assignment grades

Moodle allows the bulk downloading of assignments created in the assignment module. It is important to check the appropriate settings in the Assignment itself.

In Assignment Edit Settings, click on Feedback files and Offline grading worksheet.

Download files, grade, upload

Once the proper selections have been made in the Assignment Edit settings, and students have uploaded their papers, click on the Assignment itself>View all submissions.


Click on the Grading action drop down menu

Choose Download all submissions – this will download a zipped file. Once you unzip the folder, you will then have a folder of your students’ submissions. The assignment folder will contain a folder for each student. In each folder is the student’s submission.

Open the submissions, make comments, grade them.

After you have graded the student’s paper, the document must be saved with the same name in the same folder. This is a critical step so that Moodle knows where to place the returned paper.

Once all papers are graded and saved, highlight all the student folders>file>compress. Another way to do this is to highlight the folders, right click on the group and select compress. The new group folder is now named Archive.

Return to the Assignment, click on View all submissions> Grading action

Drag the file into the space provided or click on Choose a file and select the Click Import feedback files.

The students’ assignments with your comments now appear in the Feedback file column. Note: The student still retains the original file in their gradebook row.


Downloading and uploading the grading worksheet

Another nice feature of the Moodle Assignment module is the ability to download a worksheet, enter the grades into the worksheet, and upload the worksheet to Moodle. If done properly, Moodle will insert the grade you have given the student into their gradebook row.

In the Assignment Edit settings, check the Offline grading worksheet under Feedback types

To download the worksheet, click on the Assignment from the Moodle course page>View all submissions. At the top of the page, click on Download grading worksheet.

Click Save file.

Open the file, enter grades, save as CSV but be sure to keep the same file name.

Return to the Assignment View all submissions page.

Click Upload grading worksheet

Moodle will ask you to confirm the upload. Grades are now in place for the students to view.