Creating Quizzes and Building a Question Bank

Create a Quiz

  • On the course homepage > click on the gear in upper right hand corner > click Turn Editing on
  • In the section where you want the quiz to appear > click Add an activity or resource
  • Click the radio button beside Quiz
  • Click Add

Configure these settings

  • Add a Name and Description
    • The description should include an explanation of how to take and submit the quiz
  • Configure Timing
    • Open and close the quiz – the date and time of the day the quiz is available
    • Time limit – the amount of time a student has to complete the quiz
      • Quiz timing starts when the student clicks on the Attempt quiz now button.  The timer continues even if the student closes the browser.
    • When time expires – configure what to do when the quiz timer runs out and the student is not finished
    • Submission grace period – configure a grace period if the grace period option is selected when time expires

More Information About Quizzes Timing Out:

Quizzes are automatically submitted when time runs out.  Any answered questions are counted.  Unanswered questions are not. The When time expires setting determines what will happen if the quiz timer runs out and either the student has logged out or the student’s Moodle log in session has timed out.

  • A user’s log in session will automatically time out after 2 hours of inactivity.  Moodle does not count clicking on radio buttons or selecting items from drop down lists as activity.  Browser pages must be loaded or reloaded for Moodle to recognize activity.
  • A user logging into a quiz 30 minutes before the quiz is closed and that has a 60 minute time limit will time out when the quiz is closed, not after the 60 minutes given in the time limit. This can be challenging for students to understand. Remind them to begin their quiz with ample time to complete it before the Time limit expires.

  • Configure Grade – set grading options and number of quiz attempts
  • Configure Layout – the order students will see the quiz questions
    • Navigation method (click Show more…) – configure if a student can freely return to previous questions and jump ahead, or if they must navigate through the questions sequentially
  • Configure Question behavior  – shuffling of question parts for each quiz attempt and when feedback is given. Note the choices of how questions behave.  Be sure your choices will not interfere with Review options
    • Show more – redo’s allow another opportunity with a similar question. Not available for essay questions.
    • Multiple attempts must be allowed under Grade for the student to have the option to build on each attempt.
  • Review options – what the student sees when they review the quiz attempt.
  • Extra restrictions on attempts – set time delay between quiz attempts if multiple attempts are allowed and browser security.
  • Overall feedback – add feedback that is shown after the quiz attempt specific to grade boundaries.
  • Click Save and return to course or Save and display. If the latter is selected, the next window will allow you to create/edit quiz questions.

    • Click Edit quiz
    • Click Add – to the very right side of the screen
    • Select
      • a new question
      • from question bank –  must have questions in a question bank
      • a random question – must have questions in a question bank
    • Note: Quizzes default to 10 points total and each question is a fraction of the 10 points

Create a Question Bank Category

    • Click on the gear icon in upper right corner of course home page
    • Click on More
    • Scroll down and click on Categories in Question Bank
    • Scroll past existing categories and Select Add category
    • Leave the default for the course as the Parent category
    • Enter a category Name
    • Click Add category

Create Questions

  • Click on gear in upper right hand corner of course home page> Click More> Question bank > click Questions
  • Select the appropriate question bank category
  • Click Create a new question…
  • Select a question type by clicking on its radio button (descriptions are displayed when question type is selected)
  • Click Add
  • Enter a Question Name
  • Enter the Question Text (the question prompt)
  • Designate a Default mark (number of points for this question) and the correct answer
  • Fill in other question information (optional)
  • Click Save changes

Moving questions to question bank categories

  • Click on gear in upper right hand corner of course home page> Click More> Question bank > click Questions
  • Select a category containing the questions you want to move
  • Select questions by clicking in their checkboxes or click the top checkbox to select all questions in that category
  • Under With selected:
  • Select your destination category from the drop down list
  • click Move to >>

Configure these settings to help avoid cheating on tests:

  • limit the amount of time a student has to take a quiz (Quiz > Edit settings > Timing > Time limit)
  • set the number of quiz attempts to one (Quiz > Edit settings > Grade > Attempts allowed)
  • randomize the answer order for questions with multiple answer parts, such as multiple choice questions (Quiz > Edit settings > Question behavior > Shuffle within questions = Yes) and (Question > Edit settings > select to Shuffle the answer choices)
  • have Moodle randomly select questions from a large question bank for each attempt (see the above section on adding random questions to quizzes)
  • Do not allow backtracking (Quiz settings > Layout > Show more… > Navigation method > Sequential)

Limit the possibility of students creating copies of the quiz questions and answers

  • Limit feedback until all attempts have finished and don’t display the correct answer (Quiz settings > Question behavior > How questions behave > Deferred feedback) and (Quiz > Edit settings > Review options)

Additional Quiz Security Strategies

  • Essay-type questions are more secure than true-false, multiple choice, etc. questions
  • Proctor quizzes

Importing questions from a question bank

Many publishers offer question banks that can be uploaded to the Moodle quiz module. Typically, the question bank offers an option to make the quiz in the publisher’s environment (cd or online) with the capability to export the questions as an exam view file or other format. If you have any questions, please contact Laurie or Anne in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Contact information is on the home page of the Moodle tutorials.

  • To begin, in Course Administration More, click on Question Bank>import.
  • A list of format options will appear. Select the file type. Click on the ? to find out more about the question types.
  • Drag the saved quiz question file into the space provided. Click on Import.
  • Once the questions are imported, Moodle will show the questions numbered. Click Continue, and the screen will show the Quiz Bank. You can then select, move, or delete questions.

You cannot remove a question from a quiz after it has been given. However, you can change the score so that the question is not reflected in the students’ final score. You can also flag the question.

To set the score for the question to zero:

From the Quiz link itself, click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, then Edit Quiz

Select the quiz question in question, and click on the pencil to the right of the question. Enter 0 and press ENTER to change the value of the quiz. When you return to the actual quiz, the value of the question should be 0.