Contacting Students via Moodle

There are two ways in which to contact students through your Moodle course: Course Announcements and Quickmail. Course announcements sends an email notification to all of the students in the course. Quickmail allows you to choose one, several, or all of your students. Course announcements is a forum. Students can disable the settings in the forum and opt out of notifications. Quickmail, on the other hand, sends an email message to the student and contains your UNC Asheville return email address.

Using Course Announcements

Every Moodle course comes with the Course announcements module located in the General block. The module works like a forum activity. Click on the link and the most recent announcements will appear. Click on Add a new topic to post an announcement.

Moodle now has a “pinned” feature in Course announcements that allows you to choose the announcement to always appear at the top of the forum rather than being displaced by subsequent announcements.

Using Quickmail

Quickmail enables you to contact any number of students in your Moodle course. You may choose to send an email to one student, several, or the entire class.

In configuration, the default setting does NOT allow students to use Quickmail. If you change this to “Yes” students will be able to see the block on their course page. If the setting is Yes, the module will also show the students’ email addresses, overriding the students’ preferences in their own setting. This is NOT recommended.


Prepend allows you to put the Course ID or the Course short name at the beginning of the subject line.

Compose email – when you click on Compose, a window opens up that allows you to choose the recipients.

View History shows the past emails sent from Quickmail.

When the email is sent to the students, they will not be able to hit “Reply” to email you in return as the email is generated by the Moodle system. You might consider adding a note as such at the bottom of your email.