Create an Assignment:

  • On the course homepage > click on the gear in upper right, click Turn Editing on
  • In the section where you want the assignment to appear > click Add an activity or resource
  • Click the radio button beside Assignment
  • Click Add

Configure these settings:

  • Add a Name and Description
    • The description should contain instructions for completing and submitting the assignment
  • Availability section > set submission dates
  • Submission types section: *
    • File submissions – students will upload a file(s)
    • Online text – students will type or paste their submission directly on the Moodle submission page
  • Feedback types section > configure feedback
    • Feedback comments – leave comments for students
    • Offline grading worksheet – download grading worksheet in spreadsheet format for offline grading
      • Can not use with Advanced Grading (Marking guides and Rubrics)
    • Feedback files – enable the uploading of feedback files such as Word documents with comments
  • Submission settings section > configure submission settings including a student’s ability to resubmit
    • Submission statement – if turned on, students will be prompted to acknowledge that the work is their own.
  • Group submission settings section > set options for group submissions
  • Notifications section > configure how you will be notified of student submissions
  • Grade section > set the assignment’s maximum grade and options for the grading method which includes options for direct grading, marking guide, or rubric
  • Common module settings section > set assignment visibility to students and groups
  • Click Save and return to course

*Assignments automatically create a column in the course gradebook.  To create an assignment that adds a column, but students will not submit anything (Offline Assignment), remove all check marks in the Submission types section.