Adding Ramsey Library Libguides to your Moodle Course

Moodle allows you to add a libguide directly into your Moodle course. Libguides are a great way to direct students to specific sources within the library. They can be tailored to your specific assignment research agenda or use one of the many already crafted Libguides.

To add a Libguide, select the option from the Add an Activity list. Click Add.

Libguide choice in activity

Name the Libguide, leaving the rest of the options to the default settings

Privacy – the Libguide creates a grade column by default. If you do NOT want to have a grade column for this activity in your grade book, click on Privacy and unselect Accept grades from the tool.option for adding grade column

Grade – the Libguide creates a grade column by default. If you choose to have the grade column, you can select the point total.

click save and display

The next window gives you the opportunity to select the Libguide. In the drop down menu, select Ramsey Library. Then choose Full, Single Page, or Content Box. Once selected, click on Embed content. the Libguide will now be available to students when they click on the Libguide icon in the Moodle page.

Selecting the libguide

As the instructor, when you click on the activity, you have the option to view the content or edit the selection.

Image of icon on Moodle home page

image of selection on Moodel home page

Select View Content or Edit Selection


You now have a completed Libguide embedded in your Moodle course page that helps the students with their selections.

This is what the final Libguide looks like (note: you have the option to edit the selections in the final window):

Image of completed Libguide