Using Groups and Grouping

Reasons to use Moodle groups:

  • Use one Moodle course to teach multiple course sections
  • Filter the gradebook, assignment submissions, or other activities for a particular section of students
  • Assign an activity to a specific student or students that won’t be visible to the rest of the class
  • Use groups in conjunction with the Forum to generate collaborative work in small groups

Moodle can be configured with no groups, visible groups or separate (hidden) groups.

  • No groups – there are no sub groups, everyone can interact
  • Visible – each group member works in their own group but can see other groups
    • For example, a student from one group can view forum postings from another group but they can’t reply to the postings
  • Separate (hidden) – each group member can only see their own group, others are hidden

There are two ways to get groups set up in your Moodle course:

1. The Instructional Technology team sets up groups:

  • Ask for groups in the Moodle Course Request form (emailed to faculty & staff before the beginning of each semester).

2. Instructor sets up groups:

  • Create the group
    • Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner>click More> Users > Groups
      • Click Create group button
      • Give the group a name
      • Click Save changes
    • Add group members
      • Click on the group you wish to add users to
      • Click Add/remove users
      • Click on the individual users in the Potential members window
      • Click Add
    • Click Back to groups button at the bottom to return to the groups screen

3. Using groups for separate due dates

  • Create the Moodle assignment
  • Click on assignment link in your Moodle course page

  • Click on the gear icon

  • Click on Group overrides

  • Select add group override

  • Choose the group in which you want to change the assignment due date

  • Click Enable on the due dates, then Save